Hello Beautiful People!

It’s time for another rendition of random blogging time!

How are things where you are?

I’ve been magically, wonderfully, joyously, blissfully awesome. Was that too much? Okay, life hasn’t been perfect — it is winter, after all — but it has been pretty damn good.

I started my new job in December. At a library. You know, that place with all the books and the free internet access… the movies, CDs, and databases. That place. I’ve made worksheets, props, magnets, and “coming soon” bookmarks. I’m learning about news releases and I’m making suggestions (and taking minutes) during committee meetings.

I’ve played with exacto blades and glue and lollipop sticks. It has been so fun. And my coworkers are all great. It’s such a supportive place to work. Even on my super busy, nutso days, I feel like I’m actually doing something that makes a damn difference in some small way.

I’ve also been continuing my yoga. I’ve started running semi-frequently (1-2 times a week). I’m suppose to do one or the other every day, except for Wednesdays because those are the Sacred Supper Club nights and you can’t run or do yoga after you’ve eaten your weight in food… especially chili because that’s a disaster and that’s what’s on the menu this week.

On the running front, I tend to stick to a 30 minute workout (5 minutes of warm up, 5 of cool down), so I’m running just over 2 miles most of the time. I’m okay with that. Running two miles once or twice a week means I run two miles more than most people once or twice a week. It also seems to keep my body happy AND it’s given me a glorious backside. (At least compared to my slightly less glorious backside from a few months ago — it was still pretty glorious from all those warrior poses and yoga squats.)

My new yoga thing is to pick a goal pose and obsessively work on nailing it until I nail it. And then nail it over and over and over again to placate my ego. My current pose is full mermaid and I can clumsily grab my toes and rotate my shoulders. Its isn’t pretty, but I CAN TOUCH MY DAMN TOES!


Mermaid #1.

So that’s pretty fun. And damn if it doesn’t look pretty once you’re in it. My ultimate goal is to make this look easy, like I can make “bird of paradise” look easy *most* of the time. Not always. I don’t actually aim for always. Sometimes I have no balance and sometimes my legs are tight and sometimes my ankles are tired and refuse to support my weight again for my own amusement.

So that’s how things are in my neck of the woods. I’m painfully behind on current events, still haven’t seen 90% of the movies I should have seen by the age of 29, and I’ve just written and submitted an obituary on a fictional man named Skyler who died at the age of 92.

And it’s Winter for a little while longer. I already feel better knowing that February is behind us. Sunshine is on the way, it’s going to get warmer. My electricity bill will be half (or less) than what it is now for about 6 months. I’ll be able to go outside without freezing and I just can’t wait. I cannot express just how over winter I am right now.

I mean, I just finished listening to the “Wild” audiobook and it’s made me want to go hiking. This is not a thing I usually want to do and I’m sure as soon as I see my first spider outside, or wasp, or stink bug, I’ll change my mind, but right now those things sound heavenly.

That said, this weekend is supposed to be “nice.” Sunny and above freezing for part of the day. Very exciting stuff right there. I’m going to buy myself a third yoga mat on Saturday and check out some music in Lancaster with my chosen partner-in-crime.

Have I mentioned life is good? So much can change in a year or two. So much.


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