New Semester? ohgod.

The Spring semester starts tomorrow. I think I mentioned it in my previous post, but I’m taking 3 classes for the next 11 weeks. Photojournalism, Media Relations, and Topics in Multiculturalism. Sadly, I only discovered the new Bob’s Burger episodes on Netflix tonight.

I, thankfully, finished the John Cleese memoir tonight. It took me forever to get through it. It wasn’t that terrible of a book; I just read before bed, so I get through approximately a page a night.

But it did slow down about halfway through. His recollection of his early, pre-show business life was actually a lot more interesting than the part that eventually made him famous. He also didn’t talk about his time as a Python member much. Maybe the second half of the book was cranked out under a strict deadline.

Anyway, the next book I’m reading is “First Frost” by Sarah Addison Allen. I love her books. They’re fluffy, but a little fantastical. It should be an easier beast to get through.

I also blew through a bunch of money this weekend. I visited a wonderful new Vietnamese restaurant this weekend, Pho7Spice. I got a small (huge) bowl of their Pho7 Special. So meaty, so delicious.

They had amazing macaroons too. And the coffee! The coffee! It was so strong, so delicious, so worth risking insomnia.

So, you know, we ate one of everything on the menu. (I kid, but not by much.) The best macaroon was the salted caramel. The best pho was all of it.

Buuuuut, between Pho, macaroons, coffee, my 5-class yoga purchase and my credit card bills — I’ve got about $20 to buy food for the next two weeks. Chickpea curry and bean chili, here I come. Payday comes and the money leaves almost immediately. Weeeee! (Anyone have tips on how to create a budget without feeling like a poor person — even though you’re a poor person?)


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