Yoga musings and more.

Hello my faithful readers. Though I blog infrequently, I think about doing it all the time. Life is crazy right now. I’m taking these three classes this semester and I’m taking three more next semester. Slowly chipping away at the stone that is Future Student Loan Payments.

I guess that’s not accurate. I’m actually adding concrete to my Quickly Forming Student Loan Debt. Maybe I ought to play the lottery. Being able to pay off my student loans quickly would be a dream.

But I digress… 3 classes is too many. I’ll continue the insanity for another 11 weeks after I survive this 11 weeks. (We’re starting week 8 tomorrow. The light is at the end of this tunnel.) I haven’t had much time for normal adult activities — like relaxing, getting drinks after work, trying to flirt with men in real life or having those blessed Netflix marathons. I’ve barely had time for yoga this week. (I hit the gym for cardio on Monday, did yoga on Tuesday and then skipped yoga Wednesday for Supper Club and Thursday to watch National Lampoon’s Vacation… and Friday was #hbgbyob night followed by a drink with my sister because I missed her face terribly.)

I finally had time for yoga on Saturday and it was a glorious, sweaty mess of a class. Seriously, these Saturday classes wring me out and make me clean. And smelly, but also clean. Yoga reminds me how important it is to feel things… even uncomfortable, ass-muscle-stretching things or emotionally off-putting things. Yoga has helped me embrace myself again. I’d forgotten how much of a warrior I am — bringer of light and (frightfully bad) singer of Taylor Swift songs.

I’ve also been waiting for a dreaded email from my Topics in Multiculturalism professor with poem revising suggestions. The lack of suggestions can only lead to one conclusion — my poem(s) are beyond hope. I already knew this. I’m no poet. I do much better with a blank document in InDesign and an event to advertise… Painting a picture with poetic wordplay is decidedly not a talent of mine. I decided it’s okay for me to be bad at this one thing.

I’m really good at a lot of other stuff. I need to let other people shine every so often. And so, if I get a C on my poetry project, that’s just how it is. C’est la vie.

There’s not much else to report on. No new or old sex friends to report on right now. I have started to shave my legs again — just in case.

Tomorrow’s looking like a pretty laid back sort of day. I’ll probably spend my morning practicing my bound wild thing. Who knows where things might go from there. (Probably nowhere too exciting… but if there’s debauchery, you’ll all be the first to know.)


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