Miniature Superheroes and more.

I played around and created another lady tonight. I like her over the knee socks. I have a thing for over the knee socks... I should probably buy a pair.I spent my Monday in a half zombified state, cutting out tiny superheroes for work. Then I laminated them today… and cut them out again. They are freakin’ adorable and I think I might have the world’s greatest job. I mean, I got to create 12 superheroes using library staff input and HeroMachine 2.5. So much fun!

So here’s my plug — Summer Reading Club registration started yesterday! Sign up and read books, learn about heroes and take selfies with superheroes (real and imaginary). This year’s theme is “Every Hero Has a Story” and it’s pretty rad. There’s lots of great programming for kids, teens and adults too.

If you had told me last year at this time that I’d be getting paid to make super adorable library super heroes, I would have never ever in a million years believed you until it happened. Life can be so good. I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately feeling so incredibly lucky. I have amazing friends, the world’s best family, and I have a wonderful job. I’m just soaking up all the goodness while it’s good.

I’m on week 9 of 11 for this semester’s classes. The end is in sight and I’m both relieved and terrified about it. I have a crisis communications plan to write for my media relations class, a segment of poetry (gag me, I’m so bad at this) to create for my Topics in Multiculturalism class (on pay inequality), and… god only knows for photojournalism. We’re always off syllabus in that class and the assignments are always posted late.

I can’t wait for this semester to be over so I can have two weeks of hardcore relaxing before starting another 3-class semester for the Summer term. Hopefully I’ll be taking a beach vacation in September during my next two week break. (I don’t want to think about how far in the future that seems. It will be here before I know it.)

Can we also take a minute to acknowledge that ohmygod it’s JUNE already? (We’ll pass over the Mercury in Retrograde and Full Moon stuff. But believe me, traffic has been a nightmare lately and full moon always brings out the nut jobs.) How is it possible that nearly half of 2015 has flown by? Can I hit a pause button (preferably on a weekend)? Is there anything worth watching on Netflix in June? (I’ll have two weeks to Netflix and craft here shortly.)


One thought on “Miniature Superheroes and more.

  1. Happy for you that you are loving your job! Remember I told you that you would find a good job eventually? :)

    And to answer your question: Orange Is The New Black, duh! It comes out 12th June! (So 13th June for me. 3 more days!)

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