Orange isn’t my new black.

My official first day of summer break was yesterday. It was wonderful. Well, working wasn’t great — I was pretty unfocused — but the rest of the day/evening/night was super fun. I had an opportunity to go to Knoebels Amusement Park for the first time in probably 15 years and I got to go with this pretty cool dude who drug me into an old fashioned photo booth. (We had to wait a full 2 minutes and 30 seconds for the black and white photos. They were wet when they were dispensed AND they smelled like sulfur, so that was pretty legit.) Oh, and I got so many puppy kisses. It is nearly impossible to be sad when your face is being licked all over by a small dog.

And then, after having a pretty damn good Saturday morning, I went to yoga and rocked a bunch of arm balances. My birds of paradise was pretty awful, but I’m choosing to ignore that today. My legs are just overworked lately.

Now that my break has started, I’ve begun my Netflix and reading binge. Tonight I decided to work on some crafty stuff, so I chose Netflix. Everyone has been raving about how much they LOVE Orange is the New Black, so I decided I’d finally give it a shot, despite haaaaating the book.

The TV show isn’t for me either. I’m only two episodes into the season, but it still rubs me the wrong way. The (perceived) arrogance of book version Piper carried over to the TV series. Maybe it’s not arrogance — that’s probably not the right word. She seems to be humble bragging throughout the book. She’d talk about how much easier her prison life was, possibly because she was “nice” or white. Every so often, she’d throw in a statistic to highlight the plight of others in her book, and I know it’s a memoir, but it is so self centered.

In better news, I finished Christoper Moore’s “Serpent of Venice” and I only had to renew it one time! (Actually, I probably wouldn’t have had to renew it, but I was cutting it close and it made me nervous.) My current read, A. Lee Martinez’s “Divine Misfortune” was recommended to me by the pretty cool dude I spoke about earlier. So far I’m about 5 short chapters in, but it’s pretty great so far. I really do feel like the world’s slowest reader sometimes. Reading before bed… it’s hard to stay awake when you’re as tired as I usually am. Also on my short list of things to read: “Anita” by Keith Roberts (because it was lent to me on the condition that I absolutely protect it with my life) and “The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users” by Guy Kawasaki (lent to me also, but without the protective clause, though I’ll still protect it pretty fiercely). I’m debating whether the Kawasaki book should really be a class-break type read or something I should read while classes are in session at least. (It’s nonfiction, after all. Who reads non-fiction for fun?

I’m nearly falling asleep on my laptop here, so I’m going to log off and may come back and post more later. <3


4 thoughts on “Orange isn’t my new black.

  1. Piper sucks. If you ignore her and focus on the other characters, the show is much better. I’m pretty sure she’s supposed r suck. I don’t think we’re supposed to like her.

  2. I agree. Piper isn’t meant to be likeable. I find her annoying, but I love how she became a total and complete jerk this season. It’s the most exciting she’s ever been. Everyone else is great. My favourite is black Cindy. She says the funniest things.

    • But it’s Piper’s memoir! Do people write memoirs to become hated?

      Maybe I’ll skip ahead to season two and try to piece together people’s back story. I want to be a cool kid… I want to like the show!

  3. Piper is the WORST. I would be completely content if she left prison and they focused the show on the other characters. Season 3 is meh, but Season 1 is really good. Season 2 is good too.

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