Let’s talk about…

I need to get back into my writing about modern art. I miss it and there’s a lot of really weird stuff that occasionally pops up on my facebook feed. Beautiful quits featuring still shots from amateur porn (and they’re truly beautiful and well crafted) feminist artists who try to make people view periods with less disgust (like the crew who wore white pants on their period and didn’t use any kind of feminine hygeine products to sop up the mess).

Since I do not have the money to go out and buy white pants to stain, I will not be participating in that sort of protest art.

My last project for my topics of multiculturalism class was a 5 paragraph essay about how art is political. I have never in my life been so sad about not having to write an entire paper on a topic. I could have written 5 pages on how the invention of the movable type printing press was revolutionary on a religious/political level. I could have written pages on the evil genius that was the Hitler/Goebbels propaganda game, or written pages about the work of the anonymous artist, Banksy. (Is Banksy still totally anonymous and if so, how have they been able to keep their identity under wraps in today’s social media driven world? Are people still secretly fans of mystery?)

I have one more week of break left. I have two books I want to get through before it ends. I should be reading one now, but I thought blogging was a better use of my time. Also, there is a very cute puppy curled up at my feet and sometimes I get distracted by her cuteness. How can anyone get anything done with cute animals around them? 

I have a yoga confession to make… I haven’t done yoga since Friday morning. I took Friday off as my floating holiday and got day drunk with the above puppy’s equally adorable owner. I’ll get back on the saddle on Monday. It still feels weird to skip more than a day at a time. Like the yoga police might show up and remind we what a slacker I’ve been.

But to remain balanced, you have to become unbalanced from time to time, right? Wasn’t that the gist of Eat, Pray, Love? So I’ve been spending some time kissing this guy’s face. It’s fun and I slept incredibly well last night, even though (or maybe because) I was wrapped up in a bear hug all night. I wasn’t wrapped up with an actual bear, but rather a real, human man. Being in a literal bear hug would be terrifying and I doubt I’d sleep at all in that situation.

I ordered my books for my upcoming semester. Public Relations, The Media and Society, and Communications Law. I rented the PR book because buying it would have cost $150. Renting cost $30. Communications Law sounds horrible and it also had a very pricey textbook, so that got rented too. Media and Society’s book was $7 with the shipping.

The  I just hope they all arrive before my classes start. That part stresses me out. I have one more week of being a real grown up with spare time. I’m hoping to spend some of it wrapped up with this boy and also getting coffee with friends and doing leisurely, fun reading rather than the required stuff. I should definitely do a lot more yoga. I want to be able to show everyone up and get both my legs behind my head in Mia’s Saturday morning class. I’m an egotistical yogi like that and I use to be able to do it when I was a kid. I made myself into baskets to be carried around the room by my dad. I was much much lighter then.

[4 hours (or so) pass] 

Well, shit. That super adorable boy I’ve been kissing noticed that my neighbors found kittens in a storage shed behind my apartment building and so we took them to a shelter. To steal a line from the kids these days, “I can’t even.”

I’m going to read and finish up this bottle of wine that was opened last night. This was a good weekend.


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