Is this thing still on? Hi!

I have a lot of thoughts regarding recent events in the U.S., but I thought my first post back (if I have time to get around to more posts) should be a catching up on things.

You see, in the past year or so, I’ve been busy. I’ve been working on getting a bachelor’s degree and it turns out I’m approximately a year away from achieving that goal. I dread graduating because it means another bill headed my way every month that I need to figure out how to pay. Who knows if the degree will even mean anything, being 30 seconds closer to midnight and that much closer to mutually assured destruction. Of course, death is the only way out of student loans. Or did they change those rules already too?

But I digress. I’m in a Literature and Work class that I’m sure has me on the short list of potential socialist communist SJWs, despite not wanting to associate with communism or anarchy because, turns out, I do like a free but orderly society. Turns out I was more suited for 1990s, “compromise is not a dirty word” politics than the shit show in existence today.

But then again, I wanted to vote for a real person – not a bot – this election cycle, but my democratic socialist Bernie didn’t win the popularity contest because he didn’t have the name recognition that’s necessary to win homecoming queen.

But that’s okay, all the actual work is done behind the scenes and that’s where he is now.

Where was I? Oh yes, I moved into an apartment where the toilet flushes without shit water overflowing and running into the kitchen below me. That’s pretty amazing. (I’m broke as a joke, but I guess that’s because I’m lazy. Amirite? Because poor people are lazy. Oh man, life today.)

I have a Nolly dog and a Poop Cat (aka: Catbug, but she smells a little like poop in the mornings for some reason). They’re both napping beside me now, lucky assholes.

I have a beautiful new nephew who has made me even more determined to make sure that be grows up in a society where people aren’t slightly (or overtly) racist, homophobic or anti-intellectual. He’s going to be the guy to cure cancer, or make amazing art, or help old women load their cars at the grocery store. He’s just going to be a wonderful person… society need to match.

I tried Crystal Pepsi today. It’s just normal Pepsi without food coloring, so I’m not sure why everyone freaked out about it before. It’s gotta be better for your teeth stains. Aren’t we vain enough that less teeth staining is a perfectly legit reason to buy one soda over another?

I have decided that in the world of convenience, I will make my coffee with a cheap pour over and a metal kettle. Espresso from a Moka pot.

My boyfrlarge_sgkw6ifftakwlqy2olfdq4ubxv0iend has started a horror blog, and so now I must watch all the horror movies (again). I did not miss them, but I did add one to the list that I saw on a feminist blog and I am actually kind of excited to watch it tonight. It’s on Netflix, so feel free to watch it too.

It’s weird what love will make you do. We saw some horrible horror movie on our first date… on a day I had too much coffee. I’m not sure how I am still alive today. Which is something I wonder after every horror movie, even the not-scary-to-normal-people movies.

Though, if you want to be a horror snob without having to watch a real horror movie, I suggest the stuff. Some of it’s sort of gross, but it’s about marshmallow fluff that comes from the ground. I guess it’s supposed to be aliens, but it’s fluff. People love it.

I’m still doing the yoga, but I don’t have a big ol’ living room to do it in, so I don’t do it as often and I no longer make videos because I can’t figure out the logistics.

Anyway, that’s what’s up. If you read this, thank you… I’m not sure why or how you made it through. I’m going to give another (hopefully not empty) promise to update more often.




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