The Yoga Page

Tried and true yoga studios in Central Pennsylvania:
Links will take you directly to the studio’s schedules.

Om My Yoga One of my favorite studios, even if I haven’t been for a while. They will take you to the next level if you’re ready for it. Also, the studio itself is beautiful. They put a lot of work into making it your perfect yoga room. They’ve just added a new location in Harrisburg and it is beautiful. Please check it out, they did an amazing job with the space and the teachers are wonderful.

Yoga Nature A very cute studio with free, beginner-friendly yoga every Saturday morning. (You have no excuse not to give it a try!)

Just Plain Yoga Note: Their community yoga does have a mat rental fee if you do not bring your own mat.

Barefoot Wellness $12 drop-in might be the lowest class fee I’ve encountered yet. I’ve only done the power yoga on Sunday mornings, though. It’s always a good time.

Yoga on Chocolate A heated studio, so the fees are a little heftier. They put on a great class, though. If one of my former lovers (grossss) weren’t a user of the space, I’d go more often. (I kid — I do what I want. This studio is simply out of my way. I don’t find myself in Hershey often and when I do find myself in Hershey, it’s for shopping or beer. I highly suggest visiting Troegs for a cold beer after class if you make the trip.

Sangha Yoga I love Mia’s Saturday morning class. I always end up dripping sweat all over my mat/towel… so great if you’re looking for a challenge, but want the security of knowing you can always take child’s pose without anyone poking you, this is it. One of the best places in the world to be is at Sangha.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area:
(specifically, Media, PA)

Ok, I’m partial to this studio because it’s the only one near Philly I’ve gone to & my cousin teaches here… Enso.
Take the class with Brenda. Side note: She has the most well-behaved children I’ve ever met.)

If you need a practice in your living room: is well worth the money. I’ve downloaded 150 classes that I can keep FOREVER. They all live on my hard drive, which I should probably back up again soon. If you wait for a good sale, you can get a full year subscription for $60. That’s the cost of 4 studio yoga classes. I particularly love the flows by Christen Bakken, Kyle Weiger, Rob Loud and Celeste Pereira.


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